Product Design and Management is one of the most important elements of creating a successful product. It bridges business, tech, and marketing so that everyone remains on the same page and the product everyone envisions is created.

Would You Build A House Without A Blueprint?

You’ve come up with an idea for a product/platform you want to develop that could change the world (or at least your industry). The problem is if you take your undocumented idea straight to developers, they won’t have the full picture. You won’t know how to answer technical questions they ask that have a major impact on the end product, there won’t be a well thoughout UI/UX, and a lot of assumptions will be made by the developers because clear deliverables have not been researched or documented. 

That is where we come in. We ensure your vision is what is produced. By engaging a product partner like KWK Studio, we help bridge the gap between your great idea and the tech team that will develop the product. 

We Help You Build Great Products

Document Requirements

After understanding your vision, we go through the process of creating User Stories that go into painstaking detail on features, functionality, and requirements. A development team then uses these as their directions to produce your future platform.

UI/UX Design

After understanding the requirements we wireframe and design every screen of the platform so there are no assumptions when it comes to development. Platforms designs combined with User Stories are critical to a successful development process.

Bridging Business & Technolgy

Once we understand your business requirements and future aspirations, we work with the development team to ensure the right technology is used and the correct architecture is put in place.

Cross-Team Communication

To build successful products multiple people and teams need to be involved. We take an active role in ensuring stakeholders requirements are documented and that the development/tech team is creating what has been envisaged.

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