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I’ve been entrepreneurial my entire life. I’ve always just seemed to see things different than most. I’ve also realized that unique ideas you really care about don’t happen very often. And when I say care, I mean to actually take action and do something. My last “big idea” put me on a 7+ year path of co-founding a fintech company and it wasn’t until recently that I became truly inspired by something else again.

I just so happened to have fallen in love with an Australian girl. This more or less meant that I would not be spending much time in New York anymore as I would be in Sydney, Australia. And the more time I spent in Australia discovering new areas, I realized that there was a massive need for brands and businesses to easily be able to accomplish essential things in the digital world (I know, you’re probably thinking this is common sense). There is a serious problem and it is worldwide (I had to put that in so investors know this is a big and scalable idea), but I think because I was learning about a new city and struggled to find good quality information about local businesses, I truly experienced a problem. I then realized, if I’m struggling to find information about businesses A) businesses are probably missing out on a lot of revenue and B) their marketing, if any, is not very effective. This lead me to believe there was a problem that needed to be solved.

When I was in college I started my career of digital marketing which at the time was only a few years old. The skill set would prove a true asset to me as I went on to join and later co-found startups. I’ve generally specialized in strategy, product, and marketing. I’ve experienced first hand the stresses of cash flow constraints and the many other barriers that can limit the success of a company.

My last company, Urban FT, was in the FinTech space and generates millions of dollars in revenue. Unlike most companies providing marketing solutions in the world today, I’ve built a multimillion dollar enterprise software company and have worked in different industries with companies ranging in size. I generally hold the opinion that most companies who are creating marketing solutions or providing marketing services don’t know what it is like to be on the other side of the table and because of this, they are at a massive disadvantage.

The world has progressed and consumers expect an amazing experience that is mobile friendly when interacting with brands. The problem is that until now it has been complex and expensive to provide that. How is a non-tech company supposed to compete in the digital world without investing their limited capital? How is a small business supposed to remain competitive if they can’t create awareness and drive traffic to their site (I am talking about leveraging things like fast loading websites, PPC, and social media)? How will people know a business exists without a digital identity? In the world we live in today you don’t necessarily need a physical presence, but consumers expect you to have a digital one.

I don’t understand why you can’t build a website from a phone or why running digital ad campaigns take so much time to optimize and do right. Brands and business owners just want things to work so they can focus on the part of their business they love.

And now we get to why I founded KWK Studio (pronounced “quick” studio). KWK is about disrupting the status quo and offering amazing products and services that anyone can use while outperforming what is currently available at a price point they can afford.

Our mission is to help unleash the potential of every business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everything we offer is easy to use and implement while still being affordable

  • We have a real vision

  • We’re not satisfied with what is currently in the market, so we’re going to do something about it

We might not have every solution you need right now, but give us some time, we’re still growing.

Kasey Kaplan, Founder of KWK Studio

Types Of Business We Empower

NDIS Providers

Regardless of your NDIS Registration Group(s), we provide high quality websites, marketing, and software to help you grow your participant base.


Wether you’re bootstrapped and just starting or VC backed with a popular SaaS product, we help you put effective strategies in place that grow your business.


Have an established business and in need of digital expertise? We boost your performance in line with your strategy and objectives.

Local Businesses

Do you need consistent customers to keep your business thriving? We can implement solutions that bring new business through the door.

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