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UX Is Everywhere

In a technology-driven world, it’s common to hear the term user experience, or UX. It is most often associated with products and platforms with a focus on ensuring end users have a positive and effective experience interacting with the solution. To be clear, user experience is more than the user interface, or UI (the visuals). It is the skeleton the UI is built on.

When it comes to marketing and sales, however, I’ve found that many organizations don’t look at the user experience. Businesses are missing out on leads and revenue because their websites and marketing funnels have major UX issues. It is critical to ensure your website and marketing funnels are working effectively to grow your business.

Qualifying The Importance Of UX

User experience covers many areas, so let me qualify the importance. Your website and marketing funnel UX matters if you want to:

  • Ensure your prospects understand the products and services you offer.
  • Increase your leads/conversion rates.
  • Increase sales.
  • Build brand credibility.
  • Increase referrals.
  • Reduce bounce rates and churn.

What Is A User Experience (UX)?

There are established methodologies for determining a good user experience, but in essence, it boils down to having empathy for the end user and building an experience tailored to them. It is important to consider things like usability, value, usefulness and accessibility.

One of the most common issues I see is that websites are created for an internal stakeholder instead of the end user. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, the end user is the person who is going to be interacting with your solution, which, in the context of this article, is your website or marketing funnel.

One of the best ways to tell if you have a good user experience is to communicate with your end users and get feedback. In some cases, this can mean interacting with them before you create your website so you better understand what they want and the issues they face.

How To Evaluate Your UX

Based on my experience helping companies improve their UX, I’ve summarized some of the key things to check for when evaluating your UX:

  • Is the service we’re providing clear? Is the information being presented relevant and high quality?
  • Is the language and terminology geared toward the end user? Are we using industry-specific terms versus generic terms?
  • Does our website and/or marketing funnel look legitimate and have consistent branding and colors throughout the site?
  • Is it easy for a prospect to contact us — for example, via chatbot? If there’s friction when an end user is trying to get in touch, you will likely miss out on a lead.
  • In many industries, a majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Is your website mobile optimized? Does it communicate critical information on both mobile and desktop?
  • Is the navigation consistent? Do buttons do the same thing throughout the site?
  • Can end users find information quickly? It is critical to minimize the number of clicks (and scrolling) it takes for a user to get to the information they want. Aim for zero to two clicks, depending on the flow.

The other area that is important is data and analytics. How can you make improvements if you don’t have information? Even basic analytics can help you understand where users are navigating on your site and when they exit your site.

Creating a high-quality user experience takes time, research and refinement. Spend time understanding the paint points of your customers, and put analytics in place so you can better understand how to make improvements. Over time, you can interact and make improvements that significantly help your business grow.

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